Methodology: Multilingual encounters bridging knowledges

Multilingual encounters are meetings between members of the project team and members of communities and organisations with knowledge of migration experiences and mourning practices honoring the lives lost in that process. The aim is to provide time and space to sit together and wonder what the project can mean for these communities. We invite organisations to help us find the direction for the technological device, and to design together the contours for the online infrastructure.

These encouters will take place on 4 trimesters (1 day every two weeks for the duration of 1 year / with a break in the summer and during Christmas leave / 18 sessions in 2024)

In the first year, the multilingual encounters will bring together organisations in Belgium twice a month. It will take place each first Thursday of the month and each last Friday of the month (with some variations to take into account Belgian public holidays)

2024 calendary of encounters

  • February
    • Friday 09/02/2024 @ La Loge & CIVA
    • Friday 23/02/2024 @ VSP Ixelles
  • March
    • Tuesday 12/03/2024 @ Globe Aroma
    • Friday 29/03/2024 @ PIANOFABRIEK
  • April
    • Tuesday 16/04/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 26/04/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
  • May
    • Wednesday 15/05/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 31/05/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
  • June
    • Tuesday 11/06/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 28/06/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
  • September
    • Thursday 12/09/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 26/09/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
  • October
    • Thursday 10/10/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 18/10/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
  • November
    • Thursday 7/11/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 29/11/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
  • December
    • Thursday 12/12/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)
    • Friday 20/12/2024 (full day / place to be confirmed)

2025 calendary of encounters

In the second year, multilingual encounters will be organised abroad. The focus will be on different geographical zones of attention. No dates are confirmed yet. We will schedule meetings together with the involved migration communities and organisations.

Spring 2025 in EU. Options we are looking at now are Sicily (Italy) and Evros (Turkey), but this is still under negotiation and depends on the communities and organisations involved.

Autumn 2025 most probably in Tunisia and parallel with the Dream City Festival.


€120.000 for multilingual encounters in general

€60.000 per year 18 sessions in the first year Sessions of the second year to be confirmed

Approx €3.000 per meeting to be dividided between the invited organisations and the hosting venue. (approx €300 per person per day - to be determined collectively depending on the different needs of each organisation and planning)

10 people per meeting.

We look forward to a long-term commitment (minimun 3 meetings) to ensure an ongoingness of the collective constructive process.