S:PAM - Studies in Performing Arts and Media

Ghent University, Belgium, Dept. Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies, Research Centre S:PAM (Studies in Performing Arts Media)

Performance scholar Christel Stalpaert (UGent, S:PAM) is PI of the research project NECROPOLIS UNITED and co-supervisor of Zaides’ PhD-research. She conducts and supervises further research into the conditions for a respectful virtual site for the commemoration of pain and dramatic death, where funerary rituals and acts of commemoration can be performed, and where human consciousness is raised with regard to loss. Martín Zícari (UGent, S:PAM) is the Research Coordinator of the project. Marine Declève, Julie Vanderhaeghen and Pierre Marchand, from Atelier Cartographique, are also part of S:PAM