A performance work of Arkadi Zaides

“For their research, Arkadi Zaides and his team delve into the practice of forensics to conceive a new virtual depository documenting the remains of the many whose deaths remain to this day mostly unacknowledged.” (“Arkadi Zaides” n.d.)

“During the performance of Necropolis Arkadi Zaides, together with choreographer and researcher Emma Gioia, navigate through Google Earth on stage. With their backs to the audience, they use the technical equipment that is displayed on the table before them — computers as well as sound, light, and video operating devices. Google Earth is projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage. Zooming in on a mark similar to those that indicate one’s destination when one uses Google Maps, the two operators/performers reveal the location of a grave at a cemetery. Some of the marks are accompanied by names, others only have numbers.” (Stalpaert et al. 2021)

Another reference: (“Necropolis. Counter Forensic Practices for Mourning the ‘Othered’ Dead” n.d.)

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