Elizabeth Eade

An artist mentioned by UNITED, as an example of use of the United list .

handwritten list (Ates 2023)

My practice is essentially contemporary - in order to satisfy this claim it is also constantly evolving.

I mainly make conceptual, non-figurative sculpture. I am concerned about materials and the significance of their use as part of my work, this leads me to a vast array of traditional on non traditional construction, with no materials off limits.

I am conceptual.

My work is personal and works as a commentary on the economically/politically influenced homogenous mass to which I belong. Celebrating my significance and insignificance in the structure of humanity.

I am part of something bigger.

I believe that art is capable of helping us to get to grips with the concepts that are too big (or too small) to understand. As a lone human, whilst also an ecosystem and actionable mind.

Extract taken from (“Elizabeth Eade” n.d.)

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